Marc Jacobs Leverages Social For Luxury Consumer Engagement

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Brands are shifting from company centric experiences to customer centric experiences. The conduit – their digital initiatives. As Julie Bornstein, SVP Digital at Sephora recently noted in her Mashable interview with Brian Solis, brand experiences need to facilitate emotions and conversations that drive consumers to take action. Most brands are struggling to figure out just how to accomplish this.

In my latest article for Mashable, I explored four luxury brands creating connected digital consumer experiences. In writing the article, as a I was left thinking, “As a customer, how can I connect with you, fall in love with you and be a part of your [brand’s] world when everything I touch that you’ve created is hollow?

This week, I’m breaking down each of the four brands in the story I wrote about individually. First up, Marc Jacobs.

In February 2012, Marc Jacobs Intl partnered with Bumebox (a social event technology) to add interactive social media overlays to the live-stream of their shows. Marc Jacobs Intl began livestreaming their shows in February 2010, inviting fans to RSVP to watch with a chance to win airfare, hotel, and two tickets to their Collection show & after-party.

“We asked people to include their name, country, and email address in their RSVP in return for a front row seat and the possibility of winning an all-expense-paid trip to NYC for two,” said Daniel Plenge, director of digital, “We still offer this opportunity to fans each NYFW.”

It wasn’t until February 2012 that Marc Jacobs saw really impressive results, Plenge shared. “We partnered with Bumebox and created a custom social overlay for users to join the #marcjacobslive conversation via either Twitter or Facebook. When users went to share the experience, branded copy was auto-populated and could be edited or omitted depending on what the user wanted to say.

On Twitter, most users left the #marcjacobslive tag within their updates and on Facebook, most users left the @MarcJacobsIntl mention in their messages. The night of the Collection show, the #marcjacobslive tag had over 90 million impressions on Twitter.”

What’s more, by adding real time interactions and shares from fan commentary, the Marc Jacobs show on Wednesday trended to the #8 most talked about topic on twitter worldwide. No other show during New York Fashion Week accomplished this aside from the #NYFW tag itself. Also, consumers were so excited to see the Alice In Wonderland like images that it resulted in a 20% click through rate to Marc Jacobs’ e-commerce site. The experience drove consumers to shop.

Marc Jacobs Intl’s strategy has established a proven pattern of social channels growth, email database expansion and eCommerce sales growth, database email.

What’s More, visits to marcjacobs.com increased 8% in February 2012, thanks to the brand’s live stream efforts. The live stream URL live.marcjacobs.com was the 2nd highest referrer to their website coinciding with the FW12 Runway Show livestream. Tracking eCommerce and in-store conversions that resulted from the 92 million impressions their livestream produced is tough. “For us, it’s all about inviting our fans into the World of Marc Jacobs and offering them something exclusive, whether it be an intimate video interview with Marc or two tickets to our runway show,” said Plenge.